Noorazin Nikan Suppliers

Led Suppliers

Seoul Semiconductor (Korea)
Honglitronic (China)
Bridgelux (USA)
Nichia (Japan)

Lens and collimator Suppliers

GR Optic (China)
Led-Link (Taiwan)
Ledil (Finland)
Nata (China)

Power Supply Suppliers

Tridonic (Austria)
Mean Well (China)
Eagle Rise (China)
Fahold (china)

What We Do

Noorazin Nikan dedicated to LED lighting systems, We have been in LED lighting business for more than 8 years, and worked with some of the leading companies, also we have an outstanding reputation for quality and we have the knowledge, skills and people to transform your lighting concepts into a reality.
We have professional suppliers all around the world from USA, European countries, and countries of east Asia in indoor, outdoor, Underwater, Line products and …


LED technology is a relatively new industry, we've been in it right from the start, and have a refreshingly old-fashioned approach to customer service.
Whether you're a new client or one of our regular customers or partners, Noorazin Nikan sales experts have years of experience in specifying projects of all sizes.
Your starting point can be a CAD drawing, a plan, sketches, photos or simply a vision for your Project - we'll listen to your requirements, give our expert view,

Design & Prototyping

Once your idea has formed and you've talked it through with our sales experts, it's time for our lighting designers to develop your CAD drawings or sketches into a design concept. We use 3D design software to show you how your Project will look and the technical specifications required. maybe you have your own idea for a custom lighting solution? Our design team love nothing more than new challenges, We have all the materials and design skills you need in-house - just give us a call to start the ball rolling.


Once your lighting system has been fabricated and passed our rigorous quality controls, installation can proceed. This can be carried out by your own engineers, or by our team of highly trained lighting installers. Feel free to discuss this with our sales experts..
Our team of installation engineers are not just highly skilled - they're also highly flexible! You'll find us equally at home installing pavers in a beautiful residence as working in tough conditions in the middle of the ocean.